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Hi my name is nina. i am 6 1/2.  my birthday is january 5. i live in ohio. and have two sisters livi is 11 ava is 10. livi already had a blog but she didn’t like it. i have been to 54 zoos. i love my blog. im going to write on my blog more often.



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    Nina January 24, 2015

    Miss you to Pambodia! And all the fun times

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    Nina January 24, 2015

    Miss all the people in the world that I know! Except my friends in Cambodia!

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    Nina January 24, 2015

    Miss you to miss Calhoun! I loved kindergarten with and memories like my first and only yellow card!

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    ayan koriyow December 23, 2014

    I will miss you so much you are a amazing girl.

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      Nina January 24, 2015

      Thanks! You’re also amazing in so many ways!!

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    Ms. Calhoun January 5, 2013

    Happy Birthday, Nina! I can’t believe how fast you are growing. I miss you very, very, VERY much and I wish you could come back to Kindergarten. ;).

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!! Love you, little lady!

    Ms. Calhoun

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