cambodia was awesome

cambodia was so cool. i loved it there. but i do not i repeat do not want to go in the spring (because that’s there hottest seoson). but the bad news is that if i move there i will have to. because i heard a story that when my dad and mom went my dad had to like change three times A DAY! so that’s why i don’t want to go in the spring. and also in winter its like maybe 90 to 70 that is maybe right. i know its crazy.

we went to  the orphanage and on the boat ride with the orphanage and went to the boy center and monkey business with the boy center(its a place where you can play in a bounce house and can eat there).

cambodia was a very poor place. and when we went there we helped them and even when we are in america we can still help them. and i also want to really go back.

do you have any questions for me about cambodia?


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    Olivia Taviano August 28, 2012

    What was your favorite thing that we did with the orphanage, and why is it your favorite? My favorite part was meeting all the people there, and also trying new foods, also Mike’s Burgers.

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    Ruth August 27, 2012

    What kind of animals do they have in Cambodia? Are there wild animals everywhere?

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    Holly B. August 27, 2012

    When you think of Cambodia, what do you smell? Hear? See? Taste?

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    Steph Davis August 27, 2012

    Nina, I LOVED having you in Cambodia! The boys at the center loved playing with you too. I hope you get to come back soon. I MISS YOU!!

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      Nina Taviano August 27, 2012

      i miss you to because we may be able to go next year because that’s the soonest we we’ll be able to go. and when are you coming back to cambodia?

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    Addie August 27, 2012

    The next time you go, what are you looking forward to the most

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      Nina Taviano August 27, 2012

      actually i am most looking forward too going to the orphanage and seeing all my freinds again.

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    Megan Bradford August 27, 2012

    Nina, I love that you have a heart for the people in Cambodia! What was your favorite part of your time in Cambodia, and what was the hardest thing about your trip?

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      Nina Taviano August 27, 2012

      well the hardest part about being in cambodia was every morning we had to walk across this bridge over a river that had poo and really stunk. and the part i really liked was that i got to play with a lot of kids like at the orphanage and at the boy center and all kinds of stuff.

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