money for cambodia

we are giving money to the boys center in cambodia and this is how we are earning it. we are selling boots, my sisters are making braclets, and im talking about cambodia.

im not very good at making crafts so one of my sisters said i could talk about the boys center with my words on my blog and thats what my mom does.

this is some of the things the boys center needs. money for clean water, money for snacks, money to pay the staff, money for a tuk tuk driver, money for electricity and a lot of other stuff.

click here if you want to donate.

thank you for donating

this is what i’ve been thinking lately. this is what happened when i went. when i went right when we landed in ohio i really wanted to go back and thats what we’ll happen if you ever go.


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    Stacy October 9, 2012

    I watch this family do so many selfless things, always working for the good of someone else. They are all such a beaming beacon of God’s Love, and His Charity, and Unselfishness. I am so humbled!!!

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    Grandma T. October 9, 2012

    someone asked me about my bracelets you made me today and they asked me about my washer necklace today…smile.

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