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If you visit… (hint hint)

Hey, fellow friends! Haven’t blogged in a (I might as well say) long time! I was the one (supposed) to keep ya updated, I guess Khmer (and Khmer school) really does take a whole (brain) life-time!

Today, I made a list of things to do with visitors… (if there are any…)

1. Go to Tuol Sleng (Khmer Rouge museum)

2. Killing Fields. (the actual Killing Fields, where the Khmer Rouge took place.)

3. Phsa Toul Tompoung. (Russian market, one of the Khmer markets, three blocks from ‘phteah knyome’ ‘my house’ in Khmer)

4.  H.P.C. (The Hard Places Community, where trafficked kids can have a safe place for the morning and afternoon)

5. Kingdom RESORT. ( I went there for the first time at our ministry organization retreat last weekend. Pool, free breakfast and all green, pink, purple and blue)

6. Go on fun MOTO RIDES!!! (Dad finally got the money for a moto thanks to Uncle Tug)

7. Take walks.

8. Go to REALLY good restaurants. (Daughters’ cafe, L’orchidee, Sumatra, and Sisters.)

9.Go to the mo-at tunle. (riverfront)

10. Maybe a ‘salang jee’ (Boat ride on the Mekong River.)

11. Enjoy your time in Cambodia! (if you want, you can stay at my house or we know a really awesome guesthouse ‘Green Pasture Inn‘)

We have one week off school in October, one week off in November, and two weeks off in December! Just in case you want to come visit us! (Hence, this blog post.) Thank you all for offering your time to come visit us!

At Khmer school, we have quite a few peeps in our class, I like all of them the same, but, Ruth, (a girl in our class) we’ve been to her house, we hang out her with husband, (Ben) and she’s a fun person. Livi wrote a blog post, about raising money for her to go to module three and four (The next two modules) with us, cause they don’t have the money, but these are the modules to learn how to read and write khmer, who wants to miss out on that? Not me, I’ve been waitin’ for this time to come.

And if you don’t want/have the money to support, I’m writing a fiction book, I don’t know if I’ll finish though, it’s not my talent finishing books. And Livi is writing a book too. So, in maybe…  six months, if you don’t like readin’ books, you better start liking them! (;

Question for you: Which of the things I listed would bring you to Cambodia?

From Nina.

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Settling in to Cambodia.

The main part is done, getting a house. And I’m used to taking a wet floor shower,  (No bathtub, but actually me and my sisters bathroom has a bathtub which is really rare for Cambodia.).

Going to the Toul tompoung market (you can call it the Russian market), its mostly stalls and crammed and kind of outdoor with a tin roof and BLAZING HOT in the middle (just picture it kind of like a maze) 6 days a week.

Drinking water from a 5 gallon…….Thingy full of water with a little pusher button like a water fountain except it’s blue, clear and on your kitchen counter! Washing your ink black feet every single day (we wear flip flops outside plus its dusty and theres no carpet, just tile) with a little faucet in your bathroom and scrubbing your feet with a washcloth!

And I love waving to our 7 years old little neighbor from our balcony:)! And sleeping with my sisters in a king (ish) sized bed while you have to share a little quilt with a blanket stealing sister! But so far, so good!

But sometimes you just have to live with missing people and family, or having a cold because you can’t find your pillow and have to sleep flat or your hair getting all ratty because of dust and wind. You win some you lose some:)!

I went from looking out to an american neighborhood to “Africa” (Abbey lane) to Phnom Penh, Cambodia! And if I miss people I just think “Maybe sometime they’ll come visit us!”

And I just saw a pig! But in your mind your probably thinking ” the pink little curly-tailed pig” but I’m talking Brown, Cow-size monster in the middle of the courtyard of toul tompung ( Its the area we live in) High school right at the end of our street. 3 by 3 inch snout and about 6/7 feet from head to bottom and 1 and a half feet wide! Just chilling and staring at the kids that go to the high school!

Cambodia is just a huge fun fiasco!:)

And thats one point from Cambodia, Hope you come soon my friends!

5 weeks to go!

5 weeks to go! Ready or Not here I come Cambodia! I just think that’s NUTS!!!!! I remember when it was 91 days until we leave for Cambodia! Well, first of all, I’M EXCITED! Second, Time is FLY-ING by! And all the things I’m excited to do are:

1. Eat delicious food.
2. Have fun.
3. Go on a boat ride with the Prek Eng kids.
4. Go on an AIRPLANE, DUH!!!
5. See my friends.
6. Go to Punlok Thmey & Prook Thmey.
7. Never see snow again ( Except when we come back and visit).
8. Best and last of all……BE IN CAMBODIA!!!!

When I think of all the stuff that I’m gonna do in Cambodia I always daydream. And I love Dragonfruit and Rambutan which are REALLY good fruits in Cambodia and when we went there last time we had them a lot, so I’m excited for that but mostly I’m excited for the people in Cambodia that I know and I soon will. And I’ll be probably be writing blog posts in Cambodia once a week.

What do you want me to write about while I’m in Cambodia?

money for cambodia

we are giving money to the boys center in cambodia and this is how we are earning it. we are selling boots, my sisters are making braclets, and im talking about cambodia.

im not very good at making crafts so one of my sisters said i could talk about the boys center with my words on my blog and thats what my mom does.

this is some of the things the boys center needs. money for clean water, money for snacks, money to pay the staff, money for a tuk tuk driver, money for electricity and a lot of other stuff.

click here if you want to donate.

thank you for donating

this is what i’ve been thinking lately. this is what happened when i went. when i went right when we landed in ohio i really wanted to go back and thats what we’ll happen if you ever go.

cambodia was awesome

cambodia was so cool. i loved it there. but i do not i repeat do not want to go in the spring (because that’s there hottest seoson). but the bad news is that if i move there i will have to. because i heard a story that when my dad and mom went my dad had to like change three times A DAY! so that’s why i don’t want to go in the spring. and also in winter its like maybe 90 to 70 that is maybe right. i know its crazy.

we went to  the orphanage and on the boat ride with the orphanage and went to the boy center and monkey business with the boy center(its a place where you can play in a bounce house and can eat there).

cambodia was a very poor place. and when we went there we helped them and even when we are in america we can still help them. and i also want to really go back.

do you have any questions for me about cambodia?