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homeschooling is great

Nina bloggingso far this is my favorite year of school. if you’ve never been homeschooled you should. i don’t care if it would be like  all the way up too coollege but you should. oh yeah if you are a kid.

my sister is making me do a book report this is how you do it. i read a book  for each month and if i don’t finish it in that month then thats my book for the other month. and i at least have too have at least two books for the school year. oh yeah 100 page book.

we’re watching alot of discovery atlas’s on netflix and all kinds of stuff. if you’ve been to my blog you probably seen the pic of me peeling tomatos. that was for a tomato smoothie. have you ever had one? it also had blueberrys and bananas so you don’t really tast the tomato.

i love homeschooling

last year i went too school now i am homeschooled in first grade. my mom is making up her own thingy. my favorite subject is art.

this is what one of are days are like. i do bible reading in the morning. and on breaks i play my ipod. and in the afternoon i read, art, and story of the world, and all kind of stuff. so far i love it.

i hope we get to get a turtle to look at for science. and take fun field trips.

i’m exited to write on my blog. i will be writing about animals and books and all kinds of stuff.

i have a question for you. if you are a kid, do you go to a regular school or are you homeschooled? if you are a adult, what did you do when you were a kid?