all about hippos

i’m reading about hippos. hippos have a calf when they are seven. when the mom and baby return too all the hippos. this was funny when i read it but did you know? that baby hippos when they are 3 months they get on to there mother’s back on one side and dive off the other.

well also a group of adult hippos is called a herd. and a group of baby hippos is called a creche (kresh). a baby hippo weighs 60 to100 pounds when it is born. just to tell ya in case you don’t know hippo means river and potamuse means horse. thats why a hippo is really called a river horse.

i just read a book that talked about this man had a pet hippo.

we got to feed hippos in thailand on my 6 birthday. it was the best birthday i’ve had so far.

i like hippos but actually my favorite animal is a elephant seal. my favorite animal always changes.

whats your favorite animal?

i love homeschooling

last year i went too school now i am homeschooled in first grade. my mom is making up her own thingy. my favorite subject is art.

this is what one of are days are like. i do bible reading in the morning. and on breaks i play my ipod. and in the afternoon i read, art, and story of the world, and all kind of stuff. so far i love it.

i hope we get to get a turtle to look at for science. and take fun field trips.

i’m exited to write on my blog. i will be writing about animals and books and all kinds of stuff.

i have a question for you. if you are a kid, do you go to a regular school or are you homeschooled? if you are a adult, what did you do when you were a kid?