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This is my first interview for Peeps with Passion. you can find out more about PwP here.

Meet Ali Hooper!

1. How did we meet?

We met at Vista. Before your family followed God’s call to Sanctuary, our families went to church together. I will forever remember you as the four year old who taught herself to read.

2. What are some things that your passionate about?

I love love. I love receiving love. I love showing love (even though I’m quite terrible at it a lot of the time). And I love witnessing others experience love. In fact I watch a Welcome Home soldier video almost every single day, and I cry every time. I just love to watch others when they are overcome by love. I’m silly overwhelmed that Jesus loves me (oh, Nina, I’m quite a mess), and it is my greatest prayer that everyone would know the love of Jesus.

3. You’re living in somebodys house right now. tell us about the people who are living in your condo.

By God’s grace, we have been given the opportunity to allow a family to live in our condo temporarily. They are a beautiful Pakistani of five (their baby girl, Abigail, is six months old with pierced ears and curly black hair. I melt into a puddle whenever I see her.) They had to flee their country because they were under severe persecution. You see, this family loves Jesus. And they boldly tell everyone they know about Him. But in their predominantly Muslim country, they are not permitted to share the Gospel. Multiple times they were literally under fire as persecutors attempted to set their house on fire. Though they did not want to leave their country (they want to share the love of Jesus no matter the cost), God decided to move them to Ohio. And so in November of 2013, they arrived in the United States with three children and three bags. Their story is all sorts of remarkable.

4. What country would you like to visit someday and why?

I would love to visit Kenya. Because of a relationship established through our church, I have a friend who is a pastor in Kenya. It would be a dream to visit him and his family one day.

5. What dreams has God given you for the future?

I would like to write a book. Right now I have three small children at home, and it is difficult for me to find uninterrupted time to write. And so I pray that maybe during another season, my circumstances will better allow me to dedicate time to writing. Only God knows.

Any last words?

Thank you again for this opportunity. I adore YOU! And I adore your most precious family. MWAH!!!!!

Thanks Ali! If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed for Peeps with Passion let me know!!


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