meet Sarah! {peeps with passion}

This interview is with our friend Sarah. She blogs here.

How did we meet? 

I joined your mom’s 7 study on her blog  a few years ago. Then, we discovered that we live very close…and met in person!  I met you at your house when I came to visit.

I know you are passionate about Honduras. How did that happen?

I went to Honduras on a short-term mission trip in May 2007 with my church.  We helped build a medical clinic in San Pedro Sula at Faith Home, but I didn’t see much of Honduras.  The next two times I returned to Honduras… my church packed a shipping container with toiletries, clothing, medical supplies – even some toys and bikes!  On both of those trips, we went into villages and distributed the items at different church plants.  Then, a women’s ministry organization, Women of Purpose, asked me to go along on their trip to Honduras as a blogger.  While there, I blogged about their conference, Revive – a four-day retreat for women missionaries living and serving full-time in Honduras.  While there, I met my best friend, Jen Wright, who had previously lived in Honduras for seven years.  I’d return to Honduras many times with her.

My passion for this country increased with each visit.  I’ve been to San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, Comayagua, Santa Ana, La Moskitia, and a few other places.  And while they are each different, I Iove them all the same.  The people of Honduras have a  reverence for and love of community/family that defied explanation.  I learned very quickly that if I simply sit at their feet, observing and listening, I could learn much about God, myself, and their culture. The more I visit, the more I feel at home.  I have many friends there now for whom I pray daily.  They’re all gifts to me.  

 3.What does a mission trip to Honduras look like to you ( You know we want to go with you someday )?

it’s very different depending on with whom you go and for what purpose.  My most recent one included…building 16×16 houses;  making and distributing food bags; teaching teen moms to crochet; we visited homes and prayed with them; we visited a public hospital and gave cancer caps to children who have lost hair due to chemotherapy; we served missionaries already living and serving in Honduras by completing projects for them

When I go with Women of Purpose, we hold a four day retreat for women missionaries serving there.  It’s like serving the servants, giving these ladies a time of worship and teaching in their native language

4. What has God done in your life this year?

He’s pruned me, leading me closer and closer to Him through very difficult circumstances.  He’s taught me to lean on Him only  – in my weakness, He is strong.  I’d like to think that I am in control sometimes, but I am not.  I have accepted that while I am responsible for me, I am not in control of me.  God has provided for me ways both big and small – even when I thought He wasn’t listening.  He is good.

 5.What dreams and goals do you have for the future ( For Honduras and otherwise )?

I’d like to choose one place/ministry in Honduras and invest specifically in that area.   My family and I desire to consume less and give more.  I have never been a minimalist…but I would like to possess less and less stuff, so we can enjoy more and more time together.  The two seem to go hand in hand.  My daughter, Hannah, is in the process of starting her own ministry  – Sew Kindness – and I plan to help her with it too. 
Thank you so much Sarah! You’re so awesome!


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