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About 30 minutes ago i went on a date with my mom to Panera, and we were thinking of stuff to do when i am bored ( i’m bored a lot because it’s winter ), so my mom said ” I’ve got a really good idea how about you do this blog interview called Peeps With Passion” so Peeps With Passion is going to be a series and i’m interviewing people who are passionate about different countries or helping people or a hobby  ( And if you have a passion for a different country or something else write a comment with what your country is or what your passions about )! if there is somebody you want me to interview, comment who that person is.


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    […] This is my first interview for Peeps with Passion. you can find out more about PwP here. […]

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    Suzanne Deeren February 28, 2014

    Hi, Nina. I am a (mostly on-line) friend of your mom’s and I would love to help you bust some of your winter boredom. It has been a long winter here in Michigan, too! I am pretty passionate about some amazing women in Swaziland, Africa and an income-generating project for them called Timbali Crafts. I am heading back there this summer for my 5th trip and leading another team from my church. If you have any questions about this ministry I will do what I can to get you the answers:) You can check out the beautiful bags, purses, headbands and ornaments at their website: *I am really excited about their “Hope Headbands” which the teenage girls are making as part of a discipleship program to help them pay for their education fees and supplies.

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    Olivia Taviano February 27, 2014

    Well, I think you should interview the staff of The Dancing Elephant. If you have never heard of them, they sell crafts to raise money for Cambodia, if you haven’t heard of Cambodia, it is on South East Asia, if you don’t know where south east Asia is, then come to my house, we have TONS of maps, and while you are here, you might as well just interview me!

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    Hanna Osterwyk February 27, 2014

    Hi Nina! Do you or your mom know Hannah Ware? She’s really great and has been on the World Race (11 countries in 11 months) and led a team to India last year.

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    Nancy February 27, 2014

    Two friends of mine (Molly & Renee) started a ministry called Women HEAR for Women There (HEAR = they heard about a need and decided to do something about it) where a group of women get together to make greeting cards to sell to help support women (former Trokosi slaves) & children in Ghana. I’d say they’re pretty passionate about Ghana.

    Your mom has way cooler ideas for bored kids than I ever had for my bored kids!

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    Nina Taviano February 27, 2014

    Nina Taviano: good idea!

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    Nina Taviano February 27, 2014

    This is Ava!! I think you should interview…….Hannah Farish!!!!!!!!!!

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